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Covid Procedures

The Thrive Childcare and Early Learning Centre follows guidelines provided by the public health office of the province of Manitoba. Information provided below was adapted from Manitoba Families Town Halls with Dr. Roussin ELCC general questions – April 16, 2020.


The way that we provide care to children has not changed. Children with no symptoms should continue to be treated as one typically would care for a child. This includes comforting and appropriate personal contact.

We follow the ELCC Practice Guide for information on how to care for children, while incorporating some social distancing measures into our childcare setting when it is possible to do so (e.g., meal and nap times).

Everyone will be screened, so there are no ill children attending.

If a child becomes ill during the day, we will do our best to isolate them in a separate room in accordance with good childcare practices.

We will call parents or guardian to arrange pick up as soon as possible. Parents must be available to answer all calls from the centre.

If ECE staff are not able to be physically distant or the child requires personal care including diapering or toileting support, the childcare provider should put on full PPE.

Ill staff members with new symptoms will not attend work and will contact the centre to ensure staff coverage.

If staff becomes sick while at work, they should leave the centre immediately. If this is not possible, affected staff will self-isolate and parents will be called to pick up the children if we do not have enough staff to cover required ratios.

If a childcare staff is not able to self-isolate, full PPE equipment should be put on.

Public health officials still recommend 5 days isolation away from the centre. If symptoms are improving the staff may return and will need to be masked at all times. We take the precaution of not having the staff member eat with the other staff members to minimize the possibility of spreading Covid-19.

Children who can not mask may need to stay home for 10 days. Please call HealthLinks for the current recommendation.

If the childcare centre is absent of an ill child or worker, we will continue with routine cleaning practices.

If someone becomes ill, Thrive staff will disinfect all of the toys/items that children have touched. We will limit sharing of many things, especially things that go in the mouth.

Thrive will implement procedures as needed to minimize traffic during drop off and pick-ups to support social distancing.

Parents will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands upon approaching the entrance.

All adults to wear masks if illness levels are high.

Anyone showing symptoms should stay outside the centre. Drop off/Pick Up can take place outdoors.

Social Distancing is the two-metre rule between people. It is important to note that social distancing advice is meant for interactions among staff and parents. Social distancing may not always be possible for children.

When working in a childcare setting:

  • Children with no symptoms should continue to be treated as you typically would care for a child.
  • We will arrange spaces to encourage more separation. We will space children to avoid close contact during meal and nap times and assign a designated chair and table for each child.

We will ask people who are sick to isolate, monitor their symptoms, and if they worsen or do not go away, to consult a doctor or Health Links (204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257).

Washing hands with soap and water is better than using hand sanitizer.

We may use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.

Washing hands regularly with soap and water is the best prevention against the virus, although hand sanitizer can be used. Staff will follow product directions.

Children will be supervised when using hand sanitizers, as ingesting even small amounts of sanitizer can be fatal.

Only well children should attend the Childcare Centre, so we will follow routine practices related to bedding materials. Staff will practice social distancing for laying out beds.

  • Hours of operation 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Children bring their own lunches.
  • We continue to screen all staff and children daily.
  • We follow current recommendations from Public Health and ELCC for all illnesses including Covid.
  • We will monitor levels of sickness and mask/social distance/limit the number of parents inside at a time as needed.
  • Currently adults continue to mask.
  • Signage on the front doors will inform visitors and families of expectations and Public Health recommendations.
  • No one experiencing vomiting, diarrhea or a fever within the last 24 hours should be at the centre. Must be fever free without medication for 24 hours.
  • We may need to reduce hours, limit numbers or close completely if we have an outbreak of serious illness including COVID-19.