Hi. My name is Adoar. People called me Teddy.

This place has really helped me. Helped me quit drinking. The services are good, I didn’t realize til about 2 and a half years later I didn’t drink. I stayed sober. My friend would ask me to go drink and I would say I can’t, because I have to come volunteer here. I have been coming here for 8 years. A friend of mine told me about it. I was short on food one week, I got talking to one of the girls here if I can get help. Next thing you know I’m at the office asking if I can start volunteering. I used to pick up clothing , food at harvest and help set up for Thrive events. I used to clean up the garbage. I really like volunteering here. It’s helping me stay sober a lot. And it keeps me busy. Thank you for everything!

This place has really helped me.