When I came to Thrive last spring, I was at the lowest point of my life. I had lost all will to live and had made a series of plans to end my life. In working with my doctor, my local representative and Thrive’s therapist, I was introduced to Thrive and their holistic, multidimensional modes of healing.

We began with talk therapy to unpack how I was feeling and what my goals were and began CBT & EMDR when I became strong enough in order to heal the compound trauma that I had repressed.

In the last year, I have navigated putting a name to the feelings that I had (anxiety, depression, suicidality, and C-PTSD), and slowly work towards moving through and past those titles. In the fall, I completed Anger Management at Thrive, which helped me to understand how my anger lived in my body and helpful techniques to help me acknowledge this and be able to process my anger as best as I could. I am still learning how to make space for that emotion.

The staff at Thrive has also been integral to my therapy journey, as they make an effort to know every participant, and create a safe space for all.


I am grateful for my therapist and Thrive Community Support Circle for supporting me in this chapter and guiding me into the next.