Phyllis started work in the warehouse part of the Thrive Thrift Shop, sorting and pricing items. Margie joined a little later. Whether on their own, or as a team, they have been amazing volunteers. For instance, when the shop was running short of plastic bags Phyllis and Margie canvassed some of the large stores in the area to donate bags that were destined for the landfill.  One time Margie got her ladies church group to help a colleague to collect clothes for infants. And Phyllis has been dedicated to helping out the jewelry department, taking the donated jewelry home, sorting, cleaning, bagging and pricing the items on her own time.

Part of the work they did together was to try to keep the store as well stocked as possible with items needed by people living in the area. Also, on many occasions they would take clothing home to repair and then return them in clean, working order.

One story that really stands out was the time two young women came into the store looking for clothes. One of them explained their mission: “My friend is going to a job interview tomorrow morning and needs something suitable.”  Jackets and skirts were found but not a good matching top. Finally, Phyllis said to Margie, “You have the perfect top. The one you’re wearing!” Margie went into the kitchen, took off her top (and put on a replacement) and handed this top to the young woman. She was thrilled that someone would literally offer the shirt off her back to help her out.  We don’t know if the young woman got the job after buying the perfect top in such an unusual manner, but Phyllis and Margie definitely felt good about going that extra mile to help someone. In fact it’s what a lot of our volunteers do.

Phyllis and Margie have since moved on from volunteering at the shop but want everyone to know how happy they are to have contributed to the success of the Thrift Shop, and that these days you may see them on the other side of the counter, shopping as customers.

They wish to give thanks and blessings to all who made their time at the Thrive Thrift Shop a happy and enjoyable one.

She was thrilled that someone would literally offer the shirt off her back to help her out.