I’m 44 yrs old and I’m clean now. I want to start by telling you how I became this man. I now understand how my anger, low self-esteem and wanting to be normal opened the door for addiction and created a person I was not.

As far back as I can remember, I knew I was different. As a boy, I could notice I had learning disabilities. I would not sit still, couldn’t focus on a single task for long. By the time I was a teenager I knew I had this “Twitch”, a movement of the head. At the age of 22 I found out I had tourette’s syndrome. My addiction has mostly been about self-medication and the ADHD/OCD I’m diagnosed with too.

 In 2010 I had been incarcerated for six years already, I was introduced to a man named Stan. He was brought into help men here to offer guidance and support, upon their release back into society. I have maintained contact with Stan over the years, even in my struggles. Stan was promoting the men’s program at Thrive Resource Centre. He asked me a couple of times to take part, I wasn’t sure at first. I gave in and haven’t missed a meeting since the first two. I have been an active participant always. I have found a place I can be open, honest, and truthful without feeling judged too. I now have become an active member / volunteer of the group, the Resource Centre and the Thrift Shop. I’m starting to get to know staff, volunteers and some clients too.

 As I build supports, and friends here I feel they are truly caring people too. I can recall missing a day recently, two staff members reached out to me, just to say; “We care about you”. It truly lifted my spirits. I now find myself building a foundation of supports, and friendships too. I look forward to my days there, I never feel alone or different either.

Thrive is truly and honestly becoming my “Circle of Support”.

Thrive is truly and honestly becoming my “Circle of Support”.